Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rhinebeck Motorcycle Meet

Headed down to the Rhinebeck National Meet hosted by AMCA last weekend. Camped out in the van, witnessed a Wall of Death for the first time, met some cool people. I'm already counting down the days for Mid-Ohio. Brought along my camera, playing around with the 50mm lens I bought for it. Next step: read the camera instruction manual!

 Triumph Trident in drag trim

 beat up vans everywhere; I was in love

 view atop the Wall of Death

 handing out tips
The handoff

 Steve's racebike on display
 "I must've died and gone to Linkert heaven!" one customer announced
 humor at every turn

 a lovely sidecar rig, yet a rich source of jokes. "weight distribution? Sure, if the guy doesn't have any friends to ride bitch. Must've taken him forever to build, considering he has no friends to help him!"

 closeups on a '71 CB500 racebike

nothing matters under 5k, apparently!

Keith and Rudess; met them drinking late Friday night. After meeting them, it was like we ran into each other at every vendor spot the next day. Crazy motherfuckers, they were.