Monday, April 11, 2011

Icon Stryker Armor

I wish I could say I am a ATGATT supporter, but I've largely ignored leg protection for the longest time. Not anymore, after purchasing Icon's Stryker Series Shorts and Knee Pads. I won't list their stats, check out Icon's website for details but I will say that they are comfortable for the protection they offer. My preferred riding jeans are Levi's 511 (not at all a safe choice) skinnies. The Styker shorts are a little bulky around the hips considering the hip armor (but not enough to make you look bloated at the hips), so they wouldn't fit if you wear very skinny jeans true to your hip size. The kevlar on the ass also provides some cushioning, which I found appealing since my Suzuki has a very stiff rear end. The knee pads weren't even close to fitting underneath the 511's and were a tight fit underneath a pair of Levi's 527 bootcut slim fit. They do work great over clothing as well, although it takes some time to get them in the right position. The matte black with the red highlights look appealing and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for leg protection on budget.
winter pre-ride pic, feeling like Mad Max on his way to Thunderdome.

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  1. A bit of a long shot really but what jacket are you wearing in the photo?